Blind Faith

Every time I see them do it, I find myself yelling . . . “NOOO, don’t do it!”

But there they go: Mommy and Daddy geese, leaving their home around the retention pond and leading their gaggle of baby goslings into the heavy traffic – the six lanes of Shipyard Blvd.  I can’t believe it!  I don’t like to cross Shipyard Blvd on foot and I usually move faster than the geese!  So far in the numerous times that I’ve watched them do it, I haven’t seen any casualties.  Amazingly, folks actually slow down and stop.

It’s one of those moments of life when nature stops us.  There’s no reasoning with the geese not to walk into traffic.

There’s no making them hurry. Some drivers blow their horns. The geese ignore them.

They just take their time and lead their children into the road, unaware that cars traveling 55 miles an hour are dangerous.

The goslings don’t know that they are in danger. All they understand is Mom and Dad want us to move. All they know is to follow their parents, trusting that they will not lead them to be hurt.

There’s something spiritual about watching the geese.   Something about blind faith . . . following their parents . . . trusting the One who gave you life


** thanks, pj bolduc, for the photo

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