About Trish



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  • Wife to Noah (wedding circa 1991)
  • Mom to Will, chemical engineer in Wilmington, 2017 NCSU grad
  • Mother-in-law to Angel, soon-to-be grad student, MSW at UNC-W
  • Ministry Coach with Passion in Partnership
  • Ordained Deacon in United Methodist Church
  • Traveler, reader, writer, music lover
  • Four-legged family members:  Hank, our Yorkie, and Luna, our grand-dog


3 thoughts on “About Trish”

  1. Hey Trish! Love the blog! I clicked on the blue bar in the lower left of the page to ‘Follow Something More’ – thinking it would go straight to my email address whenever you posted something new. However, I have just opened up an account to start my own blog! Haha! If there’s a way to follow you, let me know. Thanks!


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