Beauty out of Trash

We finished the playground project at Joshua House on Thursday. It was strong-hands teamwork for the raising of the beam for the swings connecting it to the tower. As soon as the swings were up and the team stepped back (maybe before the team stepped back), the children were all over the playground set. They loved it!

After considering the mess of glue and tiles for the mosaic from yesterday, our wise leader, Jeff, purchased some cement to finish the project. Thank you!! Andy mixed the cement and together, supervised by the children, we finished the cross. It turned out nicely, I think! Derick added to the artwork by creating the words “Sweet Jesus” in the shape of a cross on the adjacent wall.

Gladys, the director of Joshua House, said she couldn’t believe that we could take “trash and make something beautiful out of it.” That’s redemption! God takes the trash of our lives and makes something beautiful whenever we surrender. We just need to give Him our trash and quit adding to the pile.

My problem?  I put trash in a pile and then just move it to another place – just like what we did at Joshua House.  God says give me the pile!  I can get rid of it completely!

Our last visit of the day was to Holy Family Home, a residential center for elderly women. Again, we went to bring love and gifts to others and instead God blessed US by their smiles, songs and love.

Dinner on Thursday night was a special treat. Tessa, Derick’s daughter, had arranged a traditional Guyanese feast at the home of her friend, Pinkie. Wow! It was like Thanksgiving Day. Delicious food – brand new tastes for me!

It’s hard to believe we only have one more day in Guyana.  The week has flown by!  It will be hard to say goodbye to the children tomorrow.

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