Guyana: The First Full Day in Words

It’s hard for me to choose the right adjectives to describe my first full day in Guyana – amazing, overwhelming, sad, happy, humbling . . . and the list could go on.

Here are some highlights of this most amazing, overwhelming, humbling, sad, happy day:

  • Breakfast at Victoria Methodist Church, lovingly prepared by the wonderful servants of the church
  • Worship with wonderful singing, great preaching, celebration of two baptisms, holy communion, wonderful hospitality and did I write – wonderful singing. Only voices, a tambourine and congas . . .

Note: After the 2 children (infant and older boy) from 2 different families were baptized, Rev. Kofia Nials said:   “Church, you see these families? They’ve taken a vow to raise their children in the church. So if you see the children NOT in church, you know who you need to talk to!”

  • Visit to the homeless shelter where we handed out t-shirts, flip-flops, candy, granola bars and crosses. I had the privilege of placing a cross around the neck of each person and blessing them. Very humbling experience for me.
  • Feeding the homeless on the street (250 people or so) – Process: 2 large pots of “cook-up” – rice, beans and chicken with a boiled egg on the side – dished into containers, 2 vans driving around town, looking for folks, stopping and then asking them if they want food. First van with the food, second van with the drink. Sad to see so many hurting people but thankful that at least for a short time, they were not hungry
  • The honor of praying with a homeless man who had no shoes and seeing one of our team take off his own shoes to give to the man
  • Closing our day with a delicious home-cooked meal with Guyanese friends who graciously welcomed us into their home

Thank you, Lord, that I saw You in the faces of many today – in the church, in the cardboard box, in the shelter, in the home of friends . . . may I hold those faces in my head and heart always.