Love A Child

On Tuesday, we started our main construction project for the week – a playground set for Joshua House, an orphanage for 40 children. Operating as a true team, each person did their particular part in the construction process. Some cut the wood, some drilled the holes, some drilled in the screws and some put it all together.

We noticed when we got there that there was huge pile of tile in the corner of the playground area. We knew that it would be a hazard for the children so we started moving it. Then Tony had the idea of making a mosaic cross using the tiles on the concrete walls near the play area. Great idea!

Most of the children at Joshua House were in school during the day but there were a few children who had not gone to school. They were “helpers” in the construction process – well, sort of. Helpers or not, they seemed to love having us there and loved the opportunity to be included. At lunchtime, the children who had gone to school walked back to the house for their lunch. Some of them joined in the “helping” before they headed back to school.

In the afternoon, we visited the Red Cross Center, an orphanage for 28 children ages birth-five years. We got there as the children were walking up from their naps and as soon as we walked in the room, their arms went up. They wanted to be held!  Every team member had at least one baby in his or her arms at all times. You can see that in the few group shots that I was able to take (stricter rules for photography).

It was so difficult to walk away from that center knowing that all of those babies just wanted someone to love them.   We could only do it for a short time.  I will, however, hold those babies’ faces in my mind and pray for them.

Lord Jesus, so many children who need love . . . May we never forget to hold a child whenever we can. May we share Your love to all of Your children.