Building Margin for a Balanced Life

Giving up chocolate today?  Maybe no Facebook for a while?  No fast food?  Today the Church begins the season of Lent, 40 days prior to Easter (not counting Sundays), in which we examine, reflect, or ponder our discipleship as Christ’s followers.  In observance of Lent, some of you may “give up” something for these 40 days.  Some of you may “take on” something – maybe getting up earlier for more intentional time with God, maybe donating the cost of your daily specialty coffee to a mission.

I would like to invite you to “take on” something by participating in Pine Valley UMC’s new sermon and devotional series.  Tim Reaves, lead pastor at PVUMC, and I have put together a new study called “Building Margin for a Balanced Life”.   We combined our teaching and preaching experience on this topic and produced a 5 week sermon and small group series.  I wrote the devotional book to go along with the sermon series.

Beginning Sunday, February 14, Tim or I will preach on a particular type of margin.  If you’re interested in hearing the sermon, you can download the audio and/or video by early in the week from our church website  Then starting Monday, February 15, I will post a devotion each weekday through March 18.

Margin is so needed in our busy lives today.  Not just so that we have time for more activities but so that we can more faithfully love and serve God.  More on that tomorrow. . . . stay tuned!

A Safer, Drier, Warmer Home in Appalachia

Need some dry wall or OSB?  I can “supervise” someone else installing it!

Last week, I joined 31 other PVUMC youth and adults in a trip to the mountains of NC as we worked with Appalachia Service Project.  The purpose of ASP is “making homes safer, drier, and warmer.”  That’s just what we did!

My team of 4 youth and 3 adults joined another team of 4 youth and 2 adults redoing the inside of a home and putting up vinyl siding on the outside of the home.  We dry walled 3 rooms and one hall, covering the walls and ceilings.  We also put down new flooring in these same rooms.  The transformation was incredible!

What’s more incredible?  God’s transformational work  in the hearts of the team!

As youth and adults served as the hands and feet of Christ, we were drawn together in love with each other and with the families of Appalachia.  We were indeed one in the bond of Christ’s love.