More in the Dental Chair

Questions in the dental hygienist’s chair sometimes go beyond “do you floss every day?” Occasionally they are a little more unexpected – like “do you ask your congregation for topics for sermons?”

Umm . . . wasn’t expecting that between rinse and suction.

After I stumbled around for an answer (which was “uh, not really”), I replied: “why do you ask?”

Hygienist: “Well, I just wondered if, in light of the tragedies of this world, you try to offer some kind of answer to the questions of why?”

Me: “Oh, certainly world events both at home and far away inform our messages.” Sounds like a nice and tidy answer, doesn’t it?

Honestly I don’t know what else I said.  Her original question was simple.  Her second question – not so much.

But it made me remember why I answered the call to ministry some 25 years ago. (Has it really been that long?) People want answers.

All of us are searching for answers in this crazy, beautiful world that we live in.  We are all searching for more than just what we see in the media.

I find my hope and my strength in Jesus Christ. I don’t understand why there’s pain and heartache in this world BUT I know that in the midst of this life, Jesus is the One who stands with us, bringing hope and peace.

Jesus is the One who offers more.

Thanks to Noah Archer for the photo used on this page.