Love, T-Shirts and Food

Our last full day in Guyana began with visiting the market and other local shops.   A fun adventure . . . I mean where else but the Guyana market can you buy a piranha? Or have your image drawn on a coconut head by a street artist? Thanks to the Butlers I will have one for my office. Looks just like me or at least it’s a woman!

We made one last visit to Joshua House in the afternoon, timing it after school so we could see more of the children. Basketball game between the children, Will and Miles, tattoos for the children, and lots of swinging ended our week.

“Miss, can you push me?”

“Miss, can you help me with the tattoo?”

“Sir, throw the ball to me!”

The children called all of us “Miss” or “Sir” – different for me but sweet words to my ear.

Oh! And more hugs and kisses than I could imagine! One little girl, who I met for the first time on Friday, continually kissed me on the cheek and the neck. She made sure that someone (an older child) was getting multiple pictures of her love. All she wanted was love – just like the other children’s desire. Catching it on film was an added bonus for them – and for me!

Soon it was time to say goodbye with a “promise” or a hope to visit again.

My eyes leaked.

From there we fed the homeless on the street. On 2 vans loaded with 2 pots of “cook-up”, grape drink, our t-shirts for the week, a few shoes, lots of sweets (candy), and toilet paper, we headed out, making stops along the way to offer food. I watched a man gladly receive my Wilma 5-K t-shirt and as soon as he turned it inside out, he wore it proudly. I mean it did have a woman running on the front!

I saw again my friend, Aubrey, who I met on Sunday.   With a big smile, he said, “You came back!” We prayed together and again the question: “you will come back next year?” I hope so, Aubrey.

Along the way, we saw a man wrapped only in a blanket from the waist down. We stopped and offered food as well as clothes. Take a look at the picture post from Friday. You will see him go from unclothed to shorts and a T-shirt (pictures a little blurry because shot from a distance as well as getting dark).  It was a powerful moment to see the smile on his face.

We ended the day with dinner at the Brazilian restaurant with many of our Guyanese friends who worked alongside us during the week. Delicious meal with great friends!

Tomorrow we fly home.